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We offer long-term, elite mortgage services with fast and knowledgeable sound advice for our clients.

Finding a mortgage is a problem we can solve.

Finding a mortgage can be a very stressful time. For most people, figuring out which mortgage product fits for them is overwhelming to say the least; obtaining the lowest rate, fixed or variable, term length, pre-approvals, closing costs, and more.

Assurance Mortgages offer an ongoing, customized approach to handling your mortgage needs. By building long-lasting relationships, your experience with us will feel anything but transactional. Our assurance will mean your confidence.

Kelowna Mortgage Brokers Elisha and Erik

Erik, Elisha and their team pride themselves on helping people achieve their goals. Between them, they have funded hundreds of mortgages and understand that every one of them is unique to the people they are paired with. You can expect sound advice and clarity as you work with the Assurance Mortgages team. Call or email any time for a free consultation.

Assurance Mortgages - Custom tailored Mortgages & Services

Every mortgage closed by Assurance Mortgages is custom tailored for the individuals needs, wants, and abilities. We have relationships with over 40 banks, mortgage providers, and private lenders to assure us that we can find the right mortgage for you. We also provide service far beyond the transaction… 

Assurance Mortgages - Full Service

Full Service

We are a full-service residential mortgage brokering company here to help you get into the right mortgage product to fit your unique needs. We are more than just your standard broker, we are experts at restructuring, optimizing, and managing your portfolio to help you save money.

Assurance Mortgages - Ongoing Management

Ongoing Management

Your average mortgage broker will find you a mortgage, and you’ll most likely never hear from them again. When we close on your mortgage, that’s when our real work starts. We’re with you from the moment your mortgage starts, until it ends, working to save you money throughout.

Assurance Mortgages Vancouver - Annual Review

Annual Review

Through proper management, review and optimization it’s possible to save thousands of dollars on a regular basis. We’ve taken these concepts and created an Annual Review process that we use to do that for all of our mortgage clients, and help them save thousands!

Assurance Mortgages is your number one choice for mortgage advice.


Client Mortgage Experiences

Know your mortgage like you know your dog.

We don’t just get you into the best mortgage possible, we educate you along the way.

While we take pride in having an extensive program to help you save money after you’ve completed on your mortgage, that doesn’t mean we don’t also put in 110% in getting you into a great mortgage product! Our comprehensive process not only includes finding you the best mortgage possible, but also helping educate you on the process every step of the way.

If you’re new to the mortgage process and would like to learn more, we will be showcasing video guides which will teach you how to best shop for a mortgage. Our site also offers tools and resources to help you understand the mortgage process from start to finish.

Mortgage Knowledge
First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

We craft mortgage solutions to fit your needs.
Expert Local Knowledge

Expert Local Knowledge

Vancouver mortgage specialists to serve you.
Unrivalled Mortgage Support

Unrivalled Mortgage Support

When we close on your mortgage, that’s when our real work starts.